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These tours and adventure field trips in Nassau, Bahamas, were specifically created for students ranging from grade 1-12, which provide historical and cultural information that connects with subjects of Religion, Social Studies, and History. As students embark on our school tours, they will walk the grounds of CLIFTON. They will learn about Lucayans, British Loyalists, and the enslaved Africans that once lived here. In addition to being educational and informative, our tours are engaging and interactive. We make sure that our school tours in Nassau, Bahamas, are age-appropriate and tailored to the age groups coming, which means that the information is continually accessible, engaging, and appealing to younger audiences. Our goal is to ensure that all children who tour with us learn to appreciate the rich history and culture of our land, understand all the hardships the communities went through to survive, and all the beauty that exists today. Our tours last anywhere from 1-3 hours and are connected to subjects like History, Social Studies, and Religion. We accommodate students from grades 1-12, so we know how to tailor the program accordingly. We want to create a love for knowledge, history, and culture and instill a sense of curiosity and continual learning within them. Our goal is to ensure that all the children who tour with us can immerse themselves in local culture and walk away with knowledge about the land. However, we know how hard it can be to engage them and keep them interested, which is why our adventure field trips are some of the most thoughtfully created experiences. Schools and teachers can get in touch with our team to plan out custom school tours of CLIFTON in Nassau, Bahamas, and we’ll help create a detailed itinerary focusing on all the major locations, including plantations, houses, and villages. Our experienced and seasoned tour guides are not only locals with a historical and cultural understanding of this region, but with amazing people skills too. They have what it takes to engage children of all ages and make history all the more exciting, enjoyable, and relevant to them. Our goal is to create lasting memories and help all the visitors, including students and teachers, who go on our adventure field trips and school tours have the best time. With the natural beauty and rich history that CLIFTON offers, there’s a lot that you can get on tour with us. We’ll take care of the logistics and transportation to and from our office and your school site and ensure that children get snacks, photo ops, and much more. You can work out specific details, including pricing packages, with us. Get in touch with our team to plan the ultimate adventure field trip and make memories that last a lifetime. Our tour guides and company executives in Nassau, Bahamas, will work directly with you to create a custom plan or share details of existing packages.

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