Gift Shop/Carriage House

The Carriage house was one of the most versatile buildings on the plantation having served many purposes throughout the years. During the plantation era, it was used as a stable and storehouse for crops grown here. Today, the Carriage House serves as the park’s gift shop.

Da’ Story Telling Area

This is a relatively new area of the park. It was created to host the live skit portion of our experiential tour. Also, in late 2019 and early 2020, the tv series “Magic of The Chiccharney” was filmed at “Da Story Telling Area”.

Turtle Pen

Turtle Pen is situated along the rocky coastline of CHNP, and as folklore suggests, it was a nesting-ground for turtles and other wildlife. Now, there is an open concept of the area where you can soak in the breathtaking views.

Snorkel Site

Located east of Turtle Pen, is CLIFTON’s prime snorkeling area which houses BREEFs Sir. Nicholas Nuttal's Underwater Sculpture Garden. This sculpture garden hosts THE LARGEST underwater sculpture- Ocean Atlas in the western hemisphere. This popular attraction offers an experience second to none! In addition to this, snorkelers can also see the sunken film wrecks from the popular movie franchise-Jaws that now serve as artificial reefs. Guests can opt to self-guide or take one of our guided snorkeling tours.

Flipper Beach

Starring Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan, the classic 1996 movie Flipper was filmed here. The beautiful beach setting was perfectly suited for the movie which explored the relationship between a boy and a dolphin he befriends. After filming, the beach was renamed to commemorate the movie. The remains of the original pier still jut out from the waters as an iconic landmark.

Johnston Beach

This beach, known as the hidden gem of CLIFTON, is a secluded paradise which bears both leisure and history. With its tranquil waters, shady picnicking areas, beautiful sand, and vibrant beach bar, it is the perfect spot for a beach party. Not to mention, that this beach made its debut on ABC’s -The Bachelorette in 2018.

The Slave Village

Walk into the ruins of the slave village and surround yourself with the spirits of those who forged lives here. The Slave village at CLIFTON was once home to as many as 67 slaves. During a guided tour, you will learn about the past occupants of these modest but strong houses as well as the freedoms and obligations which governed their daily lives. You can also examine the furniture and get a true sense of how life was back in that era.

The Banana Hole

Hidden in the dense foliage of CLIFTON is one of its most unique natural features- The Banana Hole. This naturally formed hole or underground cave was said to be used by the Lucayans as a spiritual site and shelter during hurricanes. Today, the Banana Hole house native fruit bats and other local fauna and flora. During one of our Experiential tours, guests will have the opportunity to meet one of our resident Lucayans. Epic experience indeed!

The Great House

The Great House which was the master’s quarters of the plantation was built by John Wood around 1788. Like most Loyalist homes, the Great House resembled the plantation houses of Georgia and South Carolina. It was originally three stories high. During a self-guided tour, take note of what remains- The owner’s quarters, the office, and the detached kitchen.

Sacred Space/ Genesis Garden

Sacred Space/ Genesis Garden was a collaborative effort between two Bahamian artists- Antonius Roberts and Tyrone Ferguson. This space is an expression of the artists’ beliefs in the importance and necessity of environmental conservation. It also stands as a tribute to the cultural heritage of The Bahamas.