About Us

Located in southwestern New Providence, CHNP sits on 208 acres and is one of the country’s most interesting heritage sites. Steeped in history, CLIFTON was once a booming plantation and the home to three unique cultures spanning centuries: The Lucayans, The Loyalists and The Africans.

CHNP offers a unique experience for every visitor with its historic ruins, caves, nature trails and diverse ecosystem including but not limited to its: native coppice, cliffs, coastal wetlands, dunes, rocky shoreline, and sandy beaches.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours, beaching, hiking, bird-watching and picnicking. In addition to this, CLIFTON also offers site rentals for events (retreats, weddings, showers, parties, fetes, concerts, etc.) and amazing scenery/ location for commercial/ noncommercial photography, videography, and cinematography.

Mission Statement

Clifton Heritage National Park is operated by the Clifton Heritage Authority.  The mission and purpose of Clifton Heritage Authority is to develop and operate a National Park of national /international significance that preserves and promotes the historical, cultural, and natural heritage of The Bahamas. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the foremost heritage preservation park in The Bahamas and The Caribbean, while protecting and preserving three civilizations: Africans, Lucayans, and Europeans.

Our Visitors

    Our visitors, both domestic and international have the right to expect us to:
    1. Educate them about the history of Clifton Heritage National Park.
    2. Create unique, exciting, and fun-filled experiences.
    3. Provide an environment that is:
        – Safe, clean, and eco-friendly.
        – Comfortable and well-maintained.