Come and be a part of the adventure that happens at Clifton Heritage National Park! You will get to explore the best the Park has to offer including sightseeing, historical heritage tours and more.


Come and learn about the history of The Bahamas and how African Slaves, Lucayans, and British loyalists not only lived but walked on the grounds of Clifton Heritage National Park.


The crystal-clear water off the coast of Clifton is the perfect setting for a snorkeling adventure. Explore the world’s largest underwater sculpture- Ocean Atlas at the Sir Nicholas Nuttal’s Underwater Sculpture Garden. Discover breathtaking coral reefs and the famous plane wreck from the James Bond movie, "Never Say Never Again" or just drift in the quiet solitude of the ocean.

Explore Clifton Heritage National Park in Nassau, Bahamas, with Our National Park Tours

Clifton Heritage National Parkhas been home to communities for nearly 1000 years. First inhabited by the Lucayans, the land was then colonized and turned into plantations. Eventually reinhabited, and with many changes and evolutions to its history, it is now one of the most incredible locations in our region.

We offer some of the best national park tours in Nassau, Bahamas, taking people through the entire history and culture of this location. They also get to visit locations such as the Great House, plantations, slave settlements, and stone walls, among others.

Our tours are varied and catered to different groups and individuals, and you can choose from a Heritage Tour, Snorkel Tour, Beach Day, or School Tour, based on your needs. We offer the best national park tours to locals and visitors alike and make sure that the entire experience is immersive, engaging, and enjoyable. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful location while still learning the value of its history and culture.

We offer free self-parking for all our guests and a shuttle service to the location with certain packages and stop by various attractions, including the gift shop, storytelling area, turtle pen, and more.

Get in touch with our company for the best national park tours, enjoy the most incredible views alongside rich history and culture, and explore a wide range of hidden gems along the park. We can’t wait to show you everything the location has to offer—book our national park tours for families, friends, couples, and even schools today!


An adventure for family, friends and schools. We are open to residents and non-residents especially if it's your first time visiting The Bahamas. Make Clifton Heritage National Park a part of your memorable life experiences.


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